Wholehearted Woman Stories Devotional

Click here to download our FREE devotional featuring 15 stories from wholehearted women just like you! These women will encourage you in your own wholehearted story as we explore topics of surrender, facing brokenness, trusting God in the waiting, and more!

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The Wholehearted Woman Book

“I’ve never read anything like it!” –Abi T.

Jenni Walker and Beth Doohan are co-authors of the book The Wholehearted Woman: Who She Is and Why She Matters. With heartfelt messages that will challenge your faith, stories of other Wholehearted Women and reflection questions to dive deeper, this is a great resource for personal devotion or small group study!

Don’t miss the Video Previews of each section with Beth & Jenni HERE!

Now available through Barnes and Noble, Westbow Press, Walmart, and other bookstores.  Check out the video below to hear Beth and Jenni share about their book!

The Wholehearted Woman Group Leader Guide

Wholehearted Woman Ministries began when sisters Jenni Walker and Beth Doohan launched a group in Beth’s cozy condo to read through the book Let Me Be a Woman by Elisabeth Elliot. Now authors themselves, Beth and Jenni are proud to share their book The Wholehearted Woman: Who She is and Why She Matters along with The Wholehearted Woman Group Leader Guide.

The Group Leader Guide is broken into 6, 8 or 12 week studies, depending on your group’s availability and needs. Each section provides practical tips for discussion, reflection, prayer and even group outreach ideas! Purchase the Group Leader Guide now to begin your journey of growth and community with other wholehearted women!

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All Her Heart Mini Devotional

Click here to download our FREE five-day mini-devotional which focuses on areas of surrender, perfectionism and our identity in Christ. These short devotions will serve as an encouragement in your spiritual walk and provide a refreshing as you seek Him.

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Who is The Wholehearted Woman?

Want to hear the story of “Who is The Wholehearted Woman“?  Click here to learn about the start of Wholehearted Woman Ministries!

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Recommended Books

Want to know where Jenni and Beth get some of their inspiration? Check out these Recommended Books written by, and for, Wholehearted Women!

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