Who is “The Wholehearted Woman”?  Check out the video below as sisters Beth and Jenni share about the heart behind Wholehearted Woman Ministries and just who “The Wholehearted Woman” is. Also check out the article of the same name, here!

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Jenni and Beth are sisters who share a common heart to help women surrender their lives fully to the lordship of Christ and the truth of His Word.  God is gracious, full of compassion, and helps us in our times of need.  He also equips us to do His calling and to boldly live on-mission for Him as women of God no matter what season of life we are in.  Jenni and Beth embarked on this journey of women’s ministry in 2015 when they began hosting a weekly study of Biblical womanhood using Elisabeth Elliot’s book, Let Me Be a Woman, as a guide.   The short chapters were originally letters by Elliot to her daughter, Valerie, and contained deep, meaningful insights about godly womanhood. The book had been given to them by their mom during their maturing years, and it deeply impacted them both. The Bible study was the perfect opportunity to spread that impact.

They started the group in early summer, and it quickly expanded to ten girls who met together each Thursday evening at Beth’s cozy condo in Tulsa, Oklahoma to grow in intimacy with the Lord, in understanding of God’s holy calling and design for women, and in fellowship with other amazing wholehearted women of God.   As the book came to a close a year later, Jenni and Beth desired to continue expanding their reach with God’s truth about wholehearted devotion.  Shortly thereafter, The Wholehearted Woman was born.

Since that time, Jenni and Beth have still been meeting periodically with their Bible study ladies for devotions and service outreaches, participating in couples’ small groups with their amazing husbands, and ministering through The Wholehearted Woman website. Their prayer is that God would continue to use them to encourage and build up His daughters that they might come to a greater knowledge and love of our Lord, and to serve Him with wholehearted devotion as they delight to do His will.  We know that He who began this good work will help us to walk it out faithfully and wholeheartedly to His glory!  (John 15:26-27; Philippians 1:6)  Thank you for joining with us on this journey!

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