About Jenni

Jenni Walker has been a follower of Jesus Christ since early childhood.  She has both observed and experienced first-hand the impact that parents, teachers, and godly role models make on the heart of a child.  Though she does not have any of her own children yet, she is passionate about promoting Biblical and research-based parenting practices and education methods.   She was born and raised in Minnesota by her amazing parents. Some of her fondest childhood memories with her family involve swimming with her parents and younger brother and sister in Lake Harriet with the Minneapolis skyline on the horizon, frequent trips to Mall of America, and Sunday afternoons at her grandparents’ mink ranch along the banks of the Mississippi River.

After high school, she moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma to attend Oral Roberts University.  She graduated in 2008 and is a certified elementary and special education teacher.  She has over eight years of teaching experience with specialties in curriculum development, student engagement, and closing achievement gaps.  During her second year of teaching, she met her now-husband, the illustrious Bryan Walker, while performing in a community theater play.  They married in the summer of 2011 at her parents’ home-church in Minnesota, honeymooned in Cape Cod, and now reside in their Tulsa home.  Jenni’s wedding day was one of the most special days of her life.  Every anniversary when she and Bryan watch the DVD of their ceremony together, she is overwhelmed by God’s unfailing goodness, intimate love, and the glorious symbolism of “the marriage of the Lamb” (Revelation 19:7) displayed in the wedding ceremony.   She is passionate about helping others view their marriages as a holy calling from God Himself.  Spouses literally get to be the “hands and feet” of Jesus to one another, they raise little disciples of Christ together, and they put the goodness of the gospel on display in practical and powerful ways!

No matter what season of life we as women find ourselves in, we are all called to put the goodness of the gospel on display as we live our lives for God’s glory!  It is to this end that Jenni is most passionate about – helping Christians choose to surrender their whole hearts to the lordship of Christ, to grow faithfully and intimately in their relationship with Him, and to respond to the calling of God on their lives: To live the truth of God’s Word; to delight to do His will; to “shine as lights in the world” (Philippians 2:15); to live with daily purpose as they do good works in both the big and the little things (Matthew 5:16); to and to be confidently and courageously “on-mission” to reach others for Christ through the work of the Holy Spirit in them (Acts 1:8)!

Jenni is so thankful for this opportunity to minister with Beth, her dear sister and kindred spirit, through The Wholehearted WomanIn her spare time, you will find Jenni laughing with her husband, working part time as a math instructor, reading a book (while surrounded by a stack of other half-read books still in progress!), drinking coffee at the kitchen table with her Bible and journal, hosting monthly meet-ups with her Bible study girls, having heart-to-heart talks with friends and family, watching inspirational movies, typing away on the computer as an aspiring author, acting in the occasional community theater play, and voraciously researching topics of interest.  Her life mission is to know her Lord deeply, to be known by Him completely, to help other Christians grow in their knowledge of Him through His Word, and to reach others who are lost, hurting, or in need.

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