About Jenni

Jenni Walker has been a follower of Jesus Christ since early childhood.  As a mother and teacher, she is passionate about promoting Biblical and research-based parenting practices and education methods.  Jenni was born and raised in Minnesota by her amazing parents. Some of her fondest childhood memories with her family involve swimming with her parents and younger brother and sister in Lake Harriet with the Minneapolis skyline on the horizon, frequent trips to Mall of America, and Sunday afternoons at her grandparents’ mink ranch along the banks of the Mississippi River.

After high school, Jenni moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma, to attend Oral Roberts University to become an elementary and special education teacher.  She has over ten years of teaching experience with specialties in curriculum development, student engagement, and closing achievement gaps.  During her second year of teaching, she met her now-husband, the illustrious Bryan Walker, while performing in a community theater play.  They married in the summer of 2011 at her home-church in Minnesota, honeymooned in Cape Cod, and now reside in their Tulsa home.

In 2019, Jenni and Bryan welcomed their son Xander (age 3) into their lives through foster care and adoption. God has demonstrated His work in so many ways through their precious son, and they praise God for His perfect timing in forming their family. Jenni now stays home with Xander, which keeps her plenty busy, while also leading a couples Bible study with Bryan, reading books, drinking coffee at the kitchen table with her Bible and journal, and having heart-to-heart talks with friends and family.  

Jenni is thankful to minister with Beth, her dear sister and kindred spirit, through Wholehearted Woman Ministries. Her life mission is to know her Lord deeply, to be known by Him completely, to help other Christians grow in their knowledge of Him through His Word, and to reach others who are lost, hurting, or in need.