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UPDATE: Beth and her husband, Corey, moved to Minnesota last year and welcomed their son into the family!  They continue to be avid Packers fans, have found a great home church, and are bravely weathering the frigid winters.  God is so faithful!

Beth and Corey

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Beth Doohan accepted Christ when she was a young child. She has a heart of compassion for people to know Christ in His fullness and to receive His healing that they may “truly become themselves” in Christ. She is also passionate about women’s ministry, having been deeply impacted by the teachings and relationships she encountered through ministry as a teenager and young adult. Growing up in a Christian home, Beth was taught biblical principles from an early age and began studying the Bible on her own in elementary school. She is thankful to have a God who is with her through every season and who has guided her steps according to His plans and purposes as she seeks and follows Him.

As the youngest of three in a Minnesota family, Beth enjoyed all things having to do with imagination—reading, dolls, house, and dress-up to name a few. Her favorite things with her family included building snow forts, playing board games and feeding ducks at the pond. Throughout high school and college, Beth enjoyed theatre and singing. Her favorite roles were leading lady in Rodger’s and Hammerstein’s Cinderella and singing in an a cappella jazz ensemble. After graduating from high school, Beth migrated south for college at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, OK, where both her siblings had attended. She studied professional writing with a pre-law concentration in order to become a paralegal. While at ORU, Beth met her husband, Corey, who was from central Wisconsin and was studying business management and entrepreneurship. The two bonded through mutual friendships and dancing, and started dating on Christmas day, 2011. As they grew in friendship and love, it became apparent that God was leading them to marry, so they might continue serving Him as a union. After graduating in May of 2013, the two became married on June 29, 2013. As Corey and Beth said their wedding vows, they were overwhelmed with gratitude for all God had done and was doing in their lives through the solemnity of committing to each other through wholehearted devotion to the Lord.

After their Orlando, Florida honeymoon, the couple soon settled into life in Tulsa. Corey started an auto detailing business, and Beth began working as a paralegal at a Christian law firm. They enjoyed living life together, being part of a couples small group, volunteering in children’s ministry and spending time with family and friends. Corey and Beth continually strive to bring God glory by seeking Him and serving others. Although they love Tulsa and the people there, they recently sensed God calling them to move to Minnesota for Corey’s work and to live closer to extended family. They hope to grow their family soon and are excited to see God’s calling for them play out as they follow His direction to move to MN.

Beth’s greatest desire is for her whole life to reflect God’s glory. One of her favorite Scripture passages is Psalm 103, “Let all that I am praise the Lord, with my whole heart praise His holy Name!” Beth is passionate about helping people live in wholehearted surrender to the King of kings and Lord of lords. Walking in wholehearted devotion comes from knowing Him who created You. God knows you intimately. Even before you were born, He knew you and wanted you to know Him, too. How can we not respond to our Lord when He is so good as to love us and call us His children? And as His children, we are to be wholeheartedly devoted to God, knowing that He not only calls us to follow Him, but requires it as an act of obedience and love.

In her free time, Beth enjoys cooking (and cooking competition shows), scrapbooking and Pinterest, sharing life with family and friends, and reading fiction books (especially young adult and children’s). Beth wants to reflect God’s glory and to live wholeheartedly for Him so others may be drawn to Him by her example. She is thrilled to be a contributing writer to The Wholehearted Woman and is grateful for the opportunity to minister God’s truth, purpose and healing for His daughters with her sister and best friend, Jenni Walker.

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